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I am not one to leap into the dark without a plan, so it was very illuminating to be told why that would not be the case for the Directory project. I hope your explanation will prove to be interesting to other readers in the future, especially if they are confronting the same conversion issues for a different project.

I am considerably wiser now, and delighted to change my vote...



Include me to the list of dinosaurs who’ve been subjected to a long list of SCM systems including, but not limited to, PVCS, ClearCase, StarTeam, CVS, SVN and Mercurial.

In the past, my ratings for a particular SCM system would be based on how likely it was to do irreparable damage to my code rather than a propensity to actually boost productivity, for which I’ve always been skeptical.

Yes, although I didn't spell it out, that was my most serious concern. I still remember backing out a project conversion from CVS to SVN once I realised all the change history had disappeared. I didn't mention it because the same concern had already been mentioned with respect to GIT.

Having said that, it’s my observation that git is by far the easiest to work with, and the least likely to do harm when things going wrong.

That is reassuring..

Yes, it can get confusing if you are working with active branches distributed over a large team, but otherwise quite simple to use, and there are plenty of good tutorials around that show the basic usage patterns.

I keep a cheat sheet with the half dozen commands I use to manage code bases.  I’ll forward it to you if you’re interested.

Yes please! Once I am familiar and the Directory project has been migrated, I could use it to start the wiki page we should have (analogous to the current SVN page).

I think I might be tempted to try converting one of my own simple SVN projects to GIT. I suppose it is time for me to stop being scared of the dark! (Still, I'm glad it will be the advocates, rather than me, who will be responsible for migrating this complex collection of sub-projects).

Thanks for your reassurance.



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