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From Gerard Gagliano>
Subject Needed changes to Kerby as a result of the introduction of the KdcClientRequest
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2017 22:12:28 GMT
We've been working to make the changes necessitated by the introduction of the KdcClientRequest
class and the associated calling parameter changes.

Many data items needed by the authorization data backend code are not included in the KdcClientRequest
class as defined in the 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT.  Modification of this class to include the necessary
data items includes a reference to the KrbIdentity class.

This creates a circular dependency between the kerb-core project and the kerb-identity project.
 The circular dependency can be resolved by moving KrbIdentity from kerb-identity to kerb-core.
 Another suggestion is to more it to kerb-common.  And another suggestion is to remove KdcClientRequest
from package ….kerb.type.kdc as all other classes in that package are ASN1 classes and this
is not.

Moving the classes as follows resolves the circular dependency:
    KdcClientRequest from kerb-core, and 
    KrbIdentity from kerb-identity
    To kerb-common — package org.apache.kerby.kerberos.kerb.request

In addition, a dependency on kerb-common will be added to kerb-identity.

Without objection, we’ll move these classes.  If there is a better way than this, please


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