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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: SCIMple release process
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2018 20:58:34 GMT
Hi Steve,

I'm also concerned that you continued to develop and release the
previous code base.

Regarding continuous delivery:
I'm afraid the ASF release policies [1] won't allow that because an
official release must be approved by the PMC, especially to verify
licensing aspects, which normally takes 3 days. I know that sounds
old-fashioned but that's the established rules. Probably CD and those
policies have been discussed before but I'd have to search in mailing
lists archives.

What you can still do is to create and publish "snapshot" artifacts. We
do that also for most of the Directory projects for every commit to
master branch via verious Jenkins jobs [1]. However they are not
official releases and must not be advertised as such.

I agree to Brian, the first step is to do a initial release. The
creation of the artifacts itself can be automated of course.

Kind Regards,


On 10/3/18 4:21 PM, Moyer, Steven William wrote:
> I've read through a few of the release documents for other Apache Directory projects
and have a few questions for the team.  With SCIMple we've been gradually moving towards having
a continuous delivery workflow and, while we've still got a ways to go, I'm wondering what
that would look like within the context of the Apache Directory project.  Like Mockito, we're
envisioning a future where every commit (to the develop branch) might be released.  Larger
changes to the code would be developed on feature branches until they're ready to be merged.
> At the moment I'm a bit concerned because we've released the old PSU SCIMple project
three times since the project was moved here - simply because we were fixing bugs that had
to be addressed to be SCIM compliant and we don't have a process in place to release Apache
SCIMple yet.  This in my opinion is dangerous as we could end up with fixes that aren't "forward-ported"
to Apache SCIMple.  Clearly we also don't want to call for a vote several times a week or
even several times a month.
> Looking at the ApacheDS project, I think many of the listed steps are taken care of by
our use of the jgitflow plugin - the creation of an RC branch, tagging and management of the
POM versions all happens automatically.  Since this is a library, some of the other steps
aren't applicable at all (building an installer).  In any case, I think it's worth having
a discussion about what an Apache Directory CD project would look like.
> As an aside, there was a previous thread that referenced changes to the Apache release
requirements.  I couldn't find that document at all so if someone would be nice enough to
provide a link, I'll continue my research there.

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