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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject LDAP API JNDI operations
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2018 19:25:37 GMT
Hi !

I'm finishing up the Decorator removal, and I'm alsmost done (still have
to process the IntermediateResponse).

At this point, I'm facing an issue with a JNDI conversion function :

public javax.naming.ldap.ExtendedRequest toJndi( final ExtendedRequest
modelRequest ) throws EncoderException

The problem is that we have to convert an ExtendedRequest value to a
byte[], while we don't store anymore this value (what's the point of
doing so when we can find out which ext op has been called ?)

This is used by the StoredProcedure interceptor in the server, as SP are
still using the JNDI interface. Two things here :
- SP aren't working at the moment. There have been way too much water
running under the bridge
- If we want to revive SP, then it will have to use the LDAP API interface

So I strongly suggest we get rid of this method, if nobody objects.

Otherwise, and if we look a but further, we should probably get rid of
all the JNDI conversions methods, at least in the LDAP API v3.0

Thoughts ?

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