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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Re: Update : rm -rf *Decorator ;-)
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2018 06:42:11 GMT
Ok, the first problem has been fixed. I'm now down from :

[ERROR] Tests run: 521, Failures: 43, Errors: 22, Skipped: 18


[ERROR] Tests run: 521, Failures: 35, Errors: 12, Skipped: 18

in server-integ. That is 20 less errors, still 47 to get fixed :-)

Note that many of them are caused by a bad check in some tests, where
the order of attribute's values in a entry is supposed to be fixed, when
it's not (20 such failing tests)

On 2018/10/27 05:03:00, Emmanuel L├ęcharny <> wrote: > Last
hours before a week off :-)> > > I was not able to complete the
refactoring and having all the> > server-integ tests passing. There are
two main issues that need to be> > addressed at this point :> > > - the
buffer I use to store the encoding result can grow during the> >
encoding, but I have made a mistake: in order to compute the length of>
> wht has just been encoded, I keep its last position in a variable.
The> > problem is that if I grow the buffer, this last position will
not> > anymore accurate. A few tests are affected by this problem> > -
DSML decorators have to be removed. This is a piece of work, that> >
affects a coupld of server-integ tests.> > > Bottom line, still some
work to do ! But that will be for when I come> > back from a well
deserved vacations !> >
Emmanuel Lecharny

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