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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject ApacheDS and LDAP API release progress
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2019 15:56:44 GMT
Hi !

Just for the record and as we are on friday evening, here is the current 
status of both the LDAP API and ApacheDS progress toward a release.

a few issues have been recently fixed (4, with one waiting for the user 
to aknowledge the fix), we still have 30 opened issues, 9 for 2.0.0, 5 
for 2.0.0.AM5 and 5 with non affected version.

We should be good to go quickly, if needed.

- ApacheDS :

This is the big cleanup. The last version was released in August 2018, 
yes, a year ago... We had 437 opened issues when the cleanup started, we 
are now down to 373 (64 less !)
Many of those issues are either for newer versions or not yet attributed 
to a version :
No version : 162 issues
2.1.1      :  7 issues
2.1.0      : 67 issues
2.0.0      :  9 issues
2.0.0-RC2  : 11 issues
2.0.0-RC1  : 91 issues
2.0.0.AM26 : 20 issues
Old versions : 6 issues

I'm currently reviewing all those issues, adding the right component to 
them. The idea is to go on and fix a set of issues for a given 
component, as it's easier to do that when you have many, you are in the 
code area and you don't have to switch to something else.

However, I don't think we will be able to fix all those issues, so don't 
expect that process will last for weeks and weeks. The idea is to 
stabilize the server, make it so it can be integrated in Studio (this is 
currently the case, AFAICT, thanks to Stefan hard works !) and to cut a 
release. We will fix group of other issues later in a coming release (I 
expect that it won't take another year though).

- Studio :

I don't have a lot to say about Studio, except that it now builds and 
run with the LDAP API and ApacheDS trunk version. We have to thank 
Stefan for that !

A special thank to Colm who joined us in this effort !

Have a good week-end !

Emmanuel Lecharny

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