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From Emmanuel L├ęcharny <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS 2.0.0.AM26 release
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2020 15:06:40 GMT
FTR, I just added the bin and archive packages that were missing on

On 28/02/2020 10:45, Emmanuel L├ęcharny wrote:
> Hi !
> I'm cutting the long requested release of ApacheDS M26. It takes a bit 
> of time, I'm currently generating the site (will be done in an hour 
> more or less). I wish to start a vote later tonite.
> It's not a major release, but it contains the transaction support 
> (which is used internally for each atomic operation, and that may 
> solve our database corruption issue). The transaction support can also 
> be leveraged from the outside, through an extended operation, and that 
> could be very useful to quickly inject thousands of entries in the 
> server, by doing so within a single transaction - thinking about 
> Studio load operation here -.
> There are *many* JIRAs that need to be addressed, some of them 
> critical (I'm thinking about packaging), but I think the best course 
> of action now is to cut releases that are related to a set of issues 
> (like, fixing as much PasswordPolicy issues as possible, then cut a 
> release).
> I have very little time to dedicate to the project atm, having changed 
> my day job, but I wil try to squeeze a bit more in the coming months. 
> The difficulty is that for many of the existing issues, you have to 
> focus on the code for many hours to get through them. You don't have a 
> lot of low hanging fruits. Any help here would be *very* appreciated !
> Regarding the installers, we really need to get past the tool we use, 
> which is limited. There is YAJSW, which is a java implementation of 
> the Tanuki wrapper, it's OSS, it's not limiting on 32bist for the 
> windows platform. I think it's time to switch to it. The MacOSX 
> signature requirement has to be addressed. I have an official Applle 
> signature for that. Last, not least, it's probably time to offer an 
> Ansible packaging solution, beside a docker dockerfile.
> That's it for today, will come back to you with a vote.
> Many thanks !

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