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From Shawn McKinney <>
Subject Re: LDAP API question
Date Wed, 06 May 2020 14:50:28 GMT

> On May 6, 2020, at 8:46 AM, Shawn McKinney <> wrote:
> So, there are many capabilities in the api we could be using, stuck in the old ways.

To be fair, by old ways…

Fortress was first written using netscape ldap api, back in say ’09. 

Next, it was converted to unbound, but in a compatibility mode (as I recall), before finally
to the apache ldap api today.

Not to say that old is necessarily bad.  The netscape api was actually quite good, but primitive,
and of course obsolete (dead). 

Nowadays the programmer wants a more object or (perhaps) functional view of the component,
as opposed to the attribute style.

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