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From Christopher Cudennec <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS as LDAP proxy / custom interceptors
Date Wed, 06 May 2020 05:45:32 GMT
Hi Marc!

Thanks for pointing to MyVirtualDirectory. In fact we’ve already looked at your project
because it seems to bring LDAP proxy features out-of-the-box! It looks pretty good!
We decided to go for plain ApacheDS because we need to fulfil specific requirements regarding
establishing the connection and certificate checking. We seem to have more control when implementing
our own interceptor. I’ll take another look at your source code to see what we can learn
from you and double-check the decision.



Von: Marc Boorshtein <>
Datum: Dienstag, 5. Mai 2020 um 13:37
An: Christopher Cudennec <>
Cc: Apache Directory Developers List <>
Betreff: Re: ApacheDS as LDAP proxy / custom interceptors

We want to use ApacheDS as a proxy to another LDAP server and try to adapt the examples for
writing custom interceptors. Can you help us with the following questions?

Not sure your use case but take a look at MyVirtualDirectory -
(my company's project).  It uses ApacheDS' LDAP listeners for the front end and integrates
already with LDAP.  I think we did the integration using an interceptor.  To do it correctly
we had to merge some of ApacheDS' code in and make changes to account for the differences
between assuming accounts are local vs remote.  It wasn't as simple as implementing an interceptor.

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