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From Roy Lenferink <>
Subject [VOTE] Move Directory site from CMS/svn to Hugo/git
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2020 16:55:42 GMT
Hey all,

As promised hereby a vote for moving away from the (to be deprecated) CMS & svn, to use
and git for hosting the Directory website sources.

Hugo is a quite popular static site generator and is well-known for its speed of website generation.
It's quite easy to install Hugo as the only thing necessary is installing it somewhere part
of your 

I have migrated the Directory website to be usable with Hugo. The sources of this are available
here [1]. See the 'discuss' threads here [2][3] for more information.

The gen-docs is something still under discussion as there are multiple ways to solve that
issue. I
noticed Emmanuel created a jira ticket [4] for this.

Please vote  on moving away from the CMS/svn to use Hugo/git (a new 'directory-site' repository
to be created hosting the sources):

[ ] +1 for moving over
[ ] 0 I don't have a strong opinion on this
[ ] -1 for not moving over, in this case please explain why



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