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From Steve Moyer <>
Subject Re: Apache Directory and SCIM
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2015 01:59:05 GMT

I'll admit I haven't done a great job of communicating ... for that I'm
very sorry.  We'll withdraw the proposal and if we ever run into each
other again, I'll buy you dinner while I apologize in person.


On 04/21/2015 09:17 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
> Le 21/04/15 22:24, Steve Moyer a écrit :
>> All,
> Hi Steve,
>> We've started the process of open-sourcing our SCIM implementation,
>> which was originally branched from the Apache Directory eSCIMo project. 
>> It's diverged so far at this point that it really can't be merged back
>> in, but we'd like to contribute it back to the community as a second
>> implementation (using a fully-typed Java system versus the mapper that
>> eSCIMo provides).
> Hmmm.
> I don't really get it. You started from something that was originally
> OSS, forked it, diverged largely, without any communication whatsoever
> with the existing community, and decided two years later to contribute
> it back. I mean, we work in the open, we try to benefit from the existig
> community to improve what we do, instead of working behind closed doors,
> just because it makes everybody feel like part of the effort.
> Now, you come with something that will require a huge effort from all of
> us to cope with, and eventually propose it as a second implementation,
> disregarding the existing code. Sounds to me like a cukoo nest
> approach... I'm trully sorry, but after the discussion we had 2 years
> ago in SF, I must say I'm disapointed. I was expecting some kind of
> collaboration.
> That being said, this is not me to decide if this proposal has to be
> accepted, or not, and you may have had perfectly good reasons (legal
> ones, for instance) to have kept the fork private up to now.
> Now, let's move on. Please tell us more about what you bring.
> Thanks !

"One longs, in reading your code, to walk on all fours" - Voltaire

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