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From Shawn Smith <>
Subject Re: Apache Directory and SCIM
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2015 13:07:16 GMT

Your criticism is fair, but I promise what we were doing wasn't intended 
to be done in the dark, it was us responding to a real problem like our 
hair was on fire.  The urgency made us less inclusive that we would 
like. In future we will endeavor to be more collaborative.

If Steve has dinner, I'll get the drinks.


On 4/21/15 9:17 PM, Emmanuel Lécharny wrote:
> Le 21/04/15 22:24, Steve Moyer a écrit :
>> All,
> Hi Steve,
>> We've started the process of open-sourcing our SCIM implementation,
>> which was originally branched from the Apache Directory eSCIMo project.
>> It's diverged so far at this point that it really can't be merged back
>> in, but we'd like to contribute it back to the community as a second
>> implementation (using a fully-typed Java system versus the mapper that
>> eSCIMo provides).
> Hmmm.
> I don't really get it. You started from something that was originally
> OSS, forked it, diverged largely, without any communication whatsoever
> with the existing community, and decided two years later to contribute
> it back. I mean, we work in the open, we try to benefit from the existig
> community to improve what we do, instead of working behind closed doors,
> just because it makes everybody feel like part of the effort.
> Now, you come with something that will require a huge effort from all of
> us to cope with, and eventually propose it as a second implementation,
> disregarding the existing code. Sounds to me like a cukoo nest
> approach... I'm trully sorry, but after the discussion we had 2 years
> ago in SF, I must say I'm disapointed. I was expecting some kind of
> collaboration.
> That being said, this is not me to decide if this proposal has to be
> accepted, or not, and you may have had perfectly good reasons (legal
> ones, for instance) to have kept the fork private up to now.
> Now, let's move on. Please tell us more about what you bring.
> Thanks !

Shawn Eion Smith
Director of Software Engineering
Penn State University
Office: 814-867-3208
Cell: 814-321-5227

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