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From Shawn McKinney <>
Subject Re: [Bulk] Re: [Bulk] error when building Apache Fortress Web 1.0-RC40-SNAPSHOT
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2015 15:01:49 GMT

> On Apr 17, 2015, at 8:31 AM, Shawn McKinney <> wrote:
>> On Apr 17, 2015, at 4:36 AM, Oleksandr Bodriagov (Polystar) <>
>> Thank you very much for your help!
>> Can you look also into a problem with Apache Fortress Web. I cannot build
>> it when I run
>> "mvn clean install 
>> -Dload.file=./src/main/resources/FortressWebDemoUsers.xml²
>> However, if I run simply "mvn clean install², then everything works.
>> Here is my problem listing:
>> [startAnt] BUILD FAILED
>> [startAnt] 
> Yes, I noticed same problem yesterday.  This project is in a state of flux as we take
it through the first release.  The core was released a couple of days ago, which will be followed
by realm, rest and web.  
> This includes adding a parent pom for managing dependencies.  This has been accomplished
for core, realm and rest but not yet for the web component so it is causing the build to fail.
 I will be working on this problem and will post back here when fixed.

Should all be fixed.  You may do another pull and build and let us know if still a problem.


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