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From Jan Sindberg <>
Subject Configuration
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2015 21:43:43 GMT
I am looking at and I am beginning to realize that some
configuration is for initial setup of the base structure with the ant-script and a file such
as refreshLDAP.xml
I'm also looking at Javadoc in and trying to trace some of these.
Until now I have seen the documentation on
and followed the ten minutes guide. 
Is there any more documentation which explains in a little more detail how I make this production
It occurs to me that the I am currently using in our test-environment
doesn't even define suffix ... I was just about to say that I can't understand how that works,
but then I realized that the config-tool initializes itself with values stored on the LDAP.

# This node contains fortress properties stored on behalf of connecting LDAP clients:

The (generated) config/bootstrap/ is used when setting up the Fortress
DIT and a config for one Fortress Host (or application).
And the slimmed down config/ contains what is needed at normal runtime.
Well -- There I got a little closer :-) 
I probably wants to use different suffix for individual applications, but I can imagine that
I probably don't want to mess with the rest of the Fortress DIT :-)
Any good advices or documents I should read in order to become convincingly knowing and get
the config production ready?

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