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From Shawn McKinney <>
Subject [VOTE] Apache Fortress 2.0.1 release
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2018 14:41:43 GMT

I’m happy to announce that after a year’s worth of work we’ve managed to put together
a new release.  Just to set expectations, it won’t be another before the next one.

There are some interesting items that need out. Yudhi’s High availability being one of them.

Also I should mention a few patches security related, i.e. ++versions on artifacts from apache
cxf and others which make this release particularly important.

For those new to *testing* Fortress releases, I highly recommend using one of the DOCKER quick
starts listed below.  Run the steps up to and including ‘integration tests’.  On a linux
machine that has preqs (docker, java8, mvn, git) should take < 10 minutes to complete.
 Do not hesitate to prompt me on our ml if you have questions or doubts.

Lastly, apologize in advance.  Wrt to improving the fortress source bundling/staging to simplify
*your* job testing the releases.  Both Stefan and Colm kindly offered suggestions last year,
but the ball got dropped.  We’ll get ‘er right by next time.

Now the release…


This is an announcement to vote for the next Apache Directory Fortress. 

The version, 2.0.1, has a tag created in git: ‘2.0.1’.

and the sources may be pulled using git commands:
git clone --branch 2.0.1
git clone --branch 2.0.1
git clone --branch 2.0.1
git clone --branch 2.0.1
with their associated checksums:
- core:  4009d2d0a5cc7b6d2a5a2e744a7dabab52c64e65
- realm: dc23b6cbb93d1d0e998f0dcd03e7665df8c97475
- rest:  1189b666a66176731c745c7c8be984f76f59a76d
- web:   0423ea8b8dc3a6a410e84908ba9272661bcadb63

Or, source distros may be downloaded from this location:

The staging repos on Nexus:
- core:
- realm:
- rest:
- web:

Test using one of these:

- Choose one of the above.  Complete (only) the sections leading up to and including the SECTION
entitled: 'Apache Fortress Core Integration Test’
- Choose the docker quickstart & save time.  Won't have to install an LDAP server for
the integration tests.

2.0.1 includes:
* Update to use Apache LDAP API v1.0.2
* FC-235 Add support for runtime constraints to be placed on activated roles
* FC-102 [fortress-web] fix problems with group page
* FC-108 Add support for RFC2307 BIS
* FC-217 Option to disable role occupants
* FC-226 ehcache masking security exceptions
* FC-227 Exclude xml-apis from LDAP api
* FC-228 [fortress-rest] CVE-2017-12624: Apache CXF web services that process attachments
are vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
* FC-233 [FORTRESS-REST] Upgrade to Spring 5 and latest CXF
* FC-232 [fortress-web] to Spring 5 and Wicket 7.9

* The complete list from JIRA:

Please vote:

[ ] +1 | Release Fortress core, realm, rest and web 2.0.1
[ ] +/-0 | Abstain
[ ] -1 | Do *NOT* Release Fortress core, realm, rest and web 2.0.1


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