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From Shawn McKinney <>
Subject Re: Enhanced ARBAC02 checking in Apache Fortress REST
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2019 18:46:55 GMT

> On Mar 16, 2019, at 1:26 PM, Shawn McKinney <> wrote:
> See the readme above for more description on how the ARBAC checks work.
> The ARBAC02 checks are turned off by default in the Apache Fortress REST runtime.  To
enable, add this to file:
> is.arbac02=true

Here’s an example of a working ARBAC02 policy that can be loaded into an LDAP server:

The admin user, demouser4 has been granted the RBAC role, fortress-rest-power-user, to pass
the Java EE and CXF coarse-grained checks.  

The ADMIN role assigned, fortress-rest-admin, has been granted all of the ADMIN permissions
to call every service.  This same role passes UserOU checks for DEV0 - DEV10, PermOU checks
for APP0 - APP10, and will has assign/grant authority over all RBAC roles.

The demouser4 will pass the fortress junit integration tests, routed through REST, when the
arbac02 checks have been enabled on the REST side.  

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