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From Jason <jas...@apache.org>
Subject Re: report of off-line conversations and develpments
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2013 19:08:16 GMT
(sorry if this got sent twice)

Needs some fill-in and review:


January 2013

Project Name: Apache Drill

Project Summary:


Discussions on these key areas were __very focused__ and productive toward
this project's graduation goals:
Healthy discussion of target use cases from the community
New Syntax Interpreter
Continued Logical Plan Syntax discussion & development (with focus on JSON)
Leveraging existing ideas/lessons learned from Optiq, LucidDB, DynamoBI,
Eigenbase and Saffron

How has the community & project developed since the last report:

User interest has slowed due to the Holiday season but discussion on the
the above topics is healthy. Commit and list activity are consistent with
the above. Development is continuing onward.

An addition of employer supported contributor to the project.

New users continue to ask to be formally part of this project.

On going discussion with schema-less data scanners amongst the project

List Summary:
  * http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/incubator-drill-dev/
  * Jan 2013, ? subscribers
  * Dec 2012, 264 subscribers
  * Nov 2012, 73 (jira, focused discussions)

  * Oct 2012, 214 (svn, discussions, jira)
  * Sep 2012, 413
  * Aug 2012, 85


On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 1:59 PM, Ted Dunning <ted.dunning@gmail.com> wrote:

> There have been several meat-space developments for Drill lately.  Here is
> a quick summary:
> - There have been several proposals for syntax conventions for the logical
> plan language.  Three versions have been built.  I built a version along
> the lines of LLVM and a JSON based version that used a constructor
> convention along with tight binding of classes to operator types.  Jacques
> built a version on Jackson which used much looser binding and supported DAG
> structuring much more easily.  Overall, I feel that Jacques implementation
> dominates the ones that I have done in essentially every way.  I think we
> should go with his style.
> - Jacques has been following up his logical syntax work with a reference
> interpreter.  I have been encouraging him to move to a
> commit-early/commit-often style, but I think he is going to have a working
> implementation very shortly.  This should give Drill the ability to take a
> logical plan in JSON format and execute that plan directly, without
> optimization on a single machine.  It will make it possible to query real
> data sets and start experimenting with the logical plan language.  It will
> also allow people to start developing translators from query syntax to
> logical plan and to start developing scanners.  It will also provide a
> functional reference that will guide the development of high performance
> execution systems.
> - Michael Hausenblas now has employer support for focusing on Drill at
> least part-time.  He has been visiting from Ireland at MapR headquarters to
> talk with Jacques and myself and has committed to building out use cases
> with sample data sets and queries.
> - Timothy Chen has been working with Jacques to develop scanners,
> particularly with a view towards dealing with schema-less data in an
> efficient fashion.  Timothy seems a bit shy about participating on-list,
> but encouragement for doing that is on-going.

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