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From Jacques Nadeau <jacq...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Example aggregate queries
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 15:56:05 GMT
I'll start with the answers.  It seems like you've made a bunch of
progress past the rest already.


> 1. is it valid for "carryovers" to be omitted or empty (I get NPE if I omit it)?

It should be.  If it doesn't work, we need to fix it.

> 2. what's the syntax for aggregation expression (I tried "COUNT()", "COUNT(*)", "COUNT")

The spec doesn't do a great job of covering expressions.  In this
case, COUNT(expr) where expr is another expression (anything but
another tree containing an aggregation function).

> 3. the spec seems to imply that I could write something as rich as "5 + SUM(salary) /
COUNT()" for aggregation expression. Is that true?

it should be.  The rule is basically any expression except ones where
an aggregation is inside an aggregation.

> 4. "within" is a segment. Does that mean a holder field, like the "toppings" field in

It resets aggregations at each segment boundary.

> 5. is it valid for aggregations to be omitted or empty?

It should be.  If it doesn't work, it should be a jira.

> 6. in the plan spec [ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QTL8warUYS2KjldQrGUse7zp8eA72VKtLOHwfXy6c7I/edit
] does "*" mean that a
field is optional and dagger mean system-generated? It does't say explicitly.

Star means optional.  Dagger means required outside a sequence, not
allowed in a sequence.  I added notes to the doc.

> 7. if I want to implement "SELECT deptno, COUNT(*) FROM emp GROUP BY deptno", I presume
I will generate a plan that consists of scan-segment-collapsingaggregate?

Yes.  Although the count(*) would need to be remapped to
count(constant) or count(_MAP) since I don't believe we currently
support asterisk at the logical plan level.

> If the example queries answer those questions, no need to answer them explicitly.
> Julian

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