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From Davide Giannella <dav...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Connection timeout 1.0.0
Date Fri, 22 May 2015 08:22:59 GMT
On 21/05/2015 16:41, Andries Engelbrecht wrote:
> What are in the log files when you run drill-embedded?
> Does the drillbit actually come up?
> The drill-embedded script should start sqlline and you should end up in the sqlline shell.
> If you want to start with sqlline instead of drill-embedded use the following
> ./sqlline -u jdbc:drill:zk=local
thanks for the support Andries,

I still can't get it to work. There's definitely something weird in my
security settings on this box as if I connect on my repeater router I
get the "virginmedia search/not found" thingy, if I connect on the main
router or I shutdown the wireless I get the unknown host exception.
Pointing to my computer name: davide-osx.

I'm still not getting why it should be this way as I develop
applications that uses network connectivities connecting to localhost on
various ports and never got any problems.

I looked up the ports drill should be using that I know of: 31010 and
2181 but both are free to be taken: `sudo lsof -i TCP:${PORT}`.

I guess I will need to download the sources and start debugging, if kids
and work will allow. Can you point me at the area in the code where more
or less the lookup for the host and the connection should happen?


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