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From Ludovic Claude <ludovic.claud...@gmail.com>
Subject Filtering data files in directories
Date Tue, 10 May 2016 20:43:39 GMT

I have a repository of files relatively well organised and containing a 
mix of medical images and csv files produced from those images in a 
neuroscience lab.

The csv files contain some interesting data that I would like to 
aggregate with Drill, but the naming convention is quite special - file 
names contain some id, then a prefix or suffix to identify the category 
of the file and all that is nested into a folder structure organised by 
subjects, for example ID1/processing1/ID1-mx.csv.

How can I use Drill to filter out the files that I do not need and keep 
only the files containing my data?

For example, I would like to write something like

SELECT * FROM dfs.data.`/` where dir1 = "processing1" and file like 


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