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From Kunal Khatua <kkha...@mapr.com>
Subject RE: User client timeout with results > 2M rows
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2017 20:18:28 GMT
The client error reported is usually trimmed. What is the stack trace in the drillbit logs?
That will tell you exactly where the timeout occurred and make it easier for you to work with.

I did a quick browse through for 'S3 Timeout' ( https://lists.apache.org/list.html?user@drill.apache.org:gte=1d:%20S3%20timeout
). You could browse through to see if any suggestions here can help unblock you.

-----Original Message-----
From: Alan Höng [mailto:alan.f.hoeng@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 12:22 PM
To: user@drill.apache.org
Subject: Re: User client timeout with results > 2M rows

Yes it takes about 2-3min for the timeout to appear the query itself should finish in that
time. The files are not that big for debugging. I have, but I couldn't find anything relevant
or helpful in my situation so far.

On Wed, 20 Sep 2017 at 20:41 Kunal Khatua <kkhatua@mapr.com> wrote:

> Do you know in how much time does this timeout occur? There might be 
> some tuning needed to increase a timeout. Also, I think this (S3 
> specifically) has been seen before... So you might find a solution 
> within the mailing list archives. Did you try looking there?
> From: Alan Höng
> Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 8:46 AM
> Subject: User client timeout with results > 2M rows
> To: user@drill.apache.org
> Hello,
> I'm getting errors when trying to fetch results from drill with 
> queries that evaluate to bigger tables. Surprisingly it works like a 
> charm if the returned table has less than 2M rows. It also seems like 
> the query is executed and finishes successfully....
> I'm querying parquet files with GZIP compression on S3. I'm running 
> drill in distributed mode with zookeeper. I use version 1.9 from the 
> container available on dockerhub "harisekhon/apache-drill:1.9". I'm 
> using the pydrill package which uses the rest api to submit queries and gather results.
> I get the following error message from the client:
> TransportError(500, '{\n  "errorMessage" : "CONNECTION ERROR: 
> Connection /<> <--> 
> ef53daab0ef8/<> (user client) 
> closed unexpectedly. Drillbit down?\\n\\n\\n[Error Id:
> 6a19835b-2325-431e-9bad-dde8f1d3c192 ]"\n}'
> I would appreciate any help with this.
> Best
> Alan Höng
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