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From benjamin.behag...@laposte.net.INVALID
Subject Re: Array in Drill
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2019 10:37:23 GMT
I think I write too quickly, since the Parquet format seems to allow the use of "list" type.

So I do not understand why there is no easy manipulation of array in DRILL.

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Although it's possible to work with ARRAY in DRILL :
SELECT columns[0], columns[1]... FROM ...;

I don't find any array function to know length or dimension of array or any other useful fct

I don't find any possibility to "build" my array with different data like :
SELECT ARRAY[data1, data2, data3] FROM ...;

Aggregate function that build array doesn't exists
Example : SELECT mycolumn1, array_agg(mycolumn2) FROM mytable GROUP BY mycolomn1;

Or would I miss something ?

I know that array type doesn't exists for Parquet files but these capacities will be very
and the limitation of Parquet should not limit the possibilities of DRILL.

Appreciate any info or return on this subject ?


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