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From "Updike, Clark" <Clark.Upd...@jhuapl.edu>
Subject Re: S3 plugin configuration problem cause wrong constructed hostname
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 13:49:41 GMT
FWIW, this problem was resolved by using the IP address for the S3 target instead of the hostname.
 No idea why hostname wouldn't work here--the hostname is completely valid and resolves forward
and backwards from the drill machine.  Nitish, the author of the article, was kind enough
to help me on the Minio slack channel.  He is not quite sure why Drill is behaving this way
but thinks perhaps the fs.s3a.path.style.access flag in core-site.xml only works when using
an IP address.  Either I missed something when reading the Drill docs or possibly this needs
to be explained somewhere.


´╗┐On 2/13/19, 5:18 PM, "Updike, Clark" <Clark.Updike@jhuapl.edu> wrote:

    I'm trying to run Drill 1.15 against an S3 compatible Minio instance following the steps
described here:
    So on my Minio server, minio1, I have a bucket, drillbucket1.  I'm putting in core-site.xml
that my fs.s3a.endpoint is minio1:9000.  In my S3 storage plugin, named s3-drillbucket1, I'm
setting "connection": "s3a://drillbucket1".  That is, unless I missed something, I'm set up
just like the article.  But when I go to run a query, I get this error:
    Error: SYSTEM ERROR: UnknownHostException: drillbucket1.minio1: Name or service not known
    Can someone explain what I have misconfigured that is causing the bucket to become part
of the server name?  Or perhaps the setup has changed since the article was written?

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