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From "Lee, David" <David....@blackrock.com>
Subject RE: Json to Parquet
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2019 17:43:23 GMT
Nope which is why I use Python with pyarrow to convert JSON to Parquet these days. Hopefully
arrow / parquet-cpp supports parquet dictionaries within a couple months.


All these types of JSON structures are problematic for any Json Schema Learning engine like

File ABC.json is fine, but..
{"address": "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue", "zip_code": "20500" },

File XYZ.json will bomb
{"address": "10 Downing Street ", "zip_code": null},

No way to figure out what datatype zip_code is in the second file. I think Drill by default
will save this as a BOOLEAN type and now you have zip code column with string and boolean
values which creates chaos and will result in an exception..

The only clean way to solve these problems is to stop using schema learning and inject a schema
https://json-schema.org/ into the query somehow.

I just gave up trying to use Drill to work with JSON and now use Python to read json and generate
parquet datasets which I can then use in Drill, etc..

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I have a CTAS query that converts JSON to Parquet format and encounter this error sometimes

 (org.apache.parquet.schema.InvalidSchemaException) Cannot write a schema with an empty group:
optional group address

I guess this happens when drill encounters a field like "address" : {} (empty object)

Is there a way to handle this ?




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