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From Zhao Qingwen <qingwen...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Architecture improvement discussion
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2018 10:00:39 GMT
Hi Edward,

In the new architecture, is the storage(hbase) taken off?
How do the adaptors store the data? for example, hadoop namenode metrics.

Best Regards,
Qingwen Zhao | 赵晴雯

Edward Zhang <yonzhang2012@apache.org> 于2018年10月12日周五 上午10:49写道:

> Hi Eaglers,
> I would like to start some discussion about architecture improvement for
> Apache Eagle based on community experience and feedback. The improvement is
> targeted for simplifying installation and development of Apache Eagle.
> Eagle's main responsibility is to report abnormality instantly by applying
> policies on streaming data. Eagle consists of two major components, Policy
> Engine and Adaptors. Policy Engine is a standalone application which
> provides REST API to manage policy lifecycle for different data sources and
> provides runtime to evaluate policy on streaming data.  Adaptors are those
> applications which fetch/process log/metrics from outside and send data to
> policy engine for alerting purpose.
> But right now in Eagle code base, it is not clearly focusing on the two
> components. For example the current source code includes map/reduce
> job/task log retrieval/cleanup/analysis which is very useful but probably
> Eagle only needs the portion of data retrieval/cleanup part and so data can
> be streamed into policy engine for alerting purpose. For job/task analysis
> part, it can be maintained in other project.
> First let me list the main modules Eagle source code consists of.
> - eagle core
>     - policy engine (coordinator, runtime, and web)
>     - monitor application management
>     - eagle query framework - for querying time series data from hbase
> - eagle adaptors
>      - gc log fetch/processing and alerting
>      - metric fetch/processing and alerting, including name node, data
> node, hbase etc.
>      - jpm: job performance management.
>             - haoop yarn queue statistics fetch/processing
>             - hadoop mapreduce history job log processing
>             - hadoop mapreduce running job processing
>             - spark history job log processing
>             - spark running job processing
>             - jpm web application
>             - hadoop job analyzer
>        - security monitoring
>              - hdfs audit log fetch/processing
>              - hdfs auth log fetch/processing
>              - hbase audit log fetch/processing
>              - hive log fetch/processing
>              - maprfs audit log fetch/processing
>              - oozie audit log fetch/processing
>         - hadoop topology stats fetch/processing
> - eagle server
> It is very obvious that it is not scale for Eagle community to maintain so
> large amount of monitoring adaptors especially when Hadoop/Spark versions
> are evolving pretty fast.
> My suggestion is Eagle ONLY focus on policy engine and some default
> important adaptors but remove/separate some unrelated functionalities. For
> policy engine, it would be nice if it can run on popular streaming engine
> besides Apache Storm so that it can be easily deployed for community users.
> For default important adaptors, I may suggest Eagle have ONLY HDFS audit
> log, Hadoop running job, Spark running job, HDFS namenode metrics etc. For
> unrelated functionalities, we can either remove them from Eagle code base
> or separate them into standalone executable if that is still really needed
> under Apache Eagle monitoring umbrella by community.
> So the proposed Eagle code base would be like:
> - policy engine
>      - coordinator
>      - runtime
>      - web
> - adaptors
>     - hdfs audit log
>     - Hadoop running job
>     - Spark running job
>     - HDFS namenode metrics
>     - Hadoop yarn queue metrics
> - extensions (some non default adaptors contributed by community)
> - executables (standalone executables which are legacy)
> It would be great if you can provide more feedback on this discussion.
> (By the way, I also had a lot of discussion with Hao, Chen, Eagle PMC
> member and core developer about this topic based on his experience of
> engaging Eagle users.)
> Thanks
> Edward

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