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From James Dixson <>
Subject Release 1.0.2 Final Checklist
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 14:56:22 GMT
Ok, I think 1.0.2 is just about ready to go. I fixed the version
strings to report "apache-etch-1.0.2-incubating" in what seem to be
all the appropriate places, validated builds on linux, macosx, and
windows, and cleaned-up the build.txt and readme.txt files.

I am going to run a few more tests today and once I am finished 1.0.2
should be ready for release.


To actually release something under apache there must be a process as
well as logististical tasks :-)

Here is what I think we still need to do/resolve:

 1. Generate final binary/source images (should happen today)
 2. Sign the images... easy enough, but what key should I use, or if I
use one of my keys, is there a standard place folks make their public
keys available?
 3. Take a vote in etch-dev
 4. Take a vote in incubator-dev
 5. Publish the images... Q: where should/can the binaries be posted?

Am I missing anything?


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