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From scott comer <>
Subject Re: I want to be participated in Etch developing
Date Fri, 01 Jan 2010 15:39:56 GMT
mainly because a c binding would be more widely useful, cisco had 
several projects that were c-based.
think about routers...

scott out

Andrey Upadyshev wrote:
> Thank you, Scott,
> I will check c-binding sources and notes and make some decision about 
> c++-binding implementation.
> One more question, why etch start making a C-binding instead of a 
> C++-binding?
> I ask it because it seems that a C language is not so popular as C++ 
> and because a C++-binding can use a power of a well known Boost library.
> Andrey
> scott comer wrote:
>> Oliora wrote:
>>> Hello, all!
>>> I want to be participated in Etch developing.
>>> I am interesting in creation of a C++ and Python language binding (both
>>> runtime and compiler parts) and I can be helpful because I have a good
>>> knowledge in C++ (~ 5 years of a commercial developing) and some 
>>> knowledge
>>> in Python (~ 3 month of a developing).
>>> Andrey Upadyshev
>>> P.S. Sorry for my English
>> hi andrey,
>> one idea for a c++ binding would be to use the c binding. the 
>> existing c binding needs some
>> small amount of work to make it compile and build. there are notes 
>> left behind by the author, but
>> nobody has yet had time to figure it out. one of our committers, 
>> youngjin park, has also offered
>> to take it on. once the runtime is made to work, a compiler to 
>> generate code using the runtime
>> would be pretty easy.
>> my thinking is, once you understand the way the c binding works, you 
>> could c++ify it. or start
>> over and use c# or java as templates / examples.
>> the source code for the c binding is on trunk, which is currently 
>> more or less the same as the
>> 1.1 dev stream.
>> notes are here:

>> i believe the current build is using the visual studio 2003. (the 
>> rest of the etch build uses
>> vs 2005).
>> perhaps james will say something about the status of the python binding.
>> scott out

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