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From scott comer <>
Subject Re: AsyncReceiver and Server to client communication help.
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 15:09:08 GMT
the perf example has a server directed one way method (report). the 
point of the async
receiver declaration is you don't have to do anything. it just works. 
the chat example
has some async receiver methods, i believe.

on the server side you just call the method. it will return immediately 
(as all one way
methods do). on the client side your implementation will be called, 
perhaps in parallel
with other calls to that method or other methods in the same service.

chat is the best source for example of client directed methods. when one 
client calls
send, the server finds the corresponding session to send to and calls 
send on it, resulting
in the message being delivered to that client.

scott out

Ranganath s wrote:
> Hi all,
>      i have the nsdl an method declared as follows
>     @Oneway
>     @Direction( Client )
>     @AsyncReceiver( QUEUED )
>     void deliverMsg()
> Now i have overridden the method deliverMsg (just a print message when ever
> this method is called) at the ImplClient.  I am not clear about how do i
> achieve the Asynchronous message from the server to client. I mean in the
> overridden method i dont understand  how to go about writing the body of
> this method and how do i invoke it.
>           Can someone throw light on this please by giving a small example
> like how do i do this. There is nothing mentioned about this in any of the
> examples. Please some one help me in this regard at the earliest and oblige.
> Thank you
> Ranganath.S

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