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From Holger Grandy <>
Subject Etch C Binding Implementation (Compiler + Runtime)
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:45:28 GMT
Hi everybody, 

we evaluated the Etch SDK several months ago and we think that it is a quite good RPC mechanism
for our specific needs. Since we need a fully functional C binding, we checked out the source.
We could not yet participate in the community in the last months, but for us this was no reason
not to look into the source code. So we started implementing the C binding. 

At the moment we have implemented a functional C Compiler for the Etch IDL and worked a lot
on bugfixing and finalising the C Runtime Code for Etch. RPC calls with nearly all of the
Etch features (both in client and server direction) are working with fully generated code
from the Compiler. Some stuff (like e.g. @Authorize) is not yet done, but all core features

Current state is early beta in our opinion, our Compiler-generated C code works for our IDL
test suite and the existing Etch runtime test suite is running, too. 

We did a refactoring of the existing C runtime source code of Etch. We did not change the
basic architecture, but structurized and cleaned the source and enhanced/re-implemented some
features, like source for startup and configuration, for logging, parts of the threading source,
for the test suites and some others. 

We also did some bugfixing, e.g. related to multi threading race conditions and some others.

We ported the source code to Unix based systems.

Our intention is definitely to participate in the Etch community. We want to get in contact
and hope that this will be of good use for the Etch community and that our efforts will find
their way into the Etch codebase. It is possible for us to submit our source code back to
the community, but the timeframe for this is not yet clear. A discussion regarding this topic
would be very welcome. 

We would of course be very happy if our efforts would bring the whole project one step further.

Michael Fitzner ( and
Holger Grandy (


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