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From Martijn Dashorst <>
Subject Re: December report and next steps
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 11:01:40 GMT
Looks good.

Do you have a list of all *active* committers? That would help
identifying whether we should try to graduate.

I do think that more development should happen here (i.e. in jira,
dev@) and we need to see commits happening. Graduating a semi-dead
project to the attic is probably not something that the board would
approve of :)

Concerning the website: I would create a page listing
companies/products that use etch. It will be much more palatable to
tell your manager to use Etch when he can point at BMW using it in
minis. Just be sure to use rel=nofollow and to make the description
factual (i.e. no "Buy a mini and get etch free!)


On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 10:42 AM, Michael Fitzner
<> wrote:
> Dear Etch PPMCs,
> I added a draft version of our December report to
> It would be
> great if you could review it and attach more info if missing.
> @Martijn if it looks fine for you, please still signed it off
> As some notes to the report:
> * The basic content of our new Apache Etch website is nearly finished. I
> will still commit the roadmap section and trigger a voting for the website
> transition (if you like it). Each of you have already access to the
> staging area and could start to
> review the site. I plan to do the transition while the next days!
> (Switch to the new website, remove some content of our old one)
> * The open issues for release version 1.2 are already resolved and we
> will commit these while the next few days. Afterwards we will create a
> release package for the review and trigger the voting.
> * Concerning the open points towards graduation, we have sent a post to
> our mailing list some weeks ago. It would be great to review/discuss
> the open points to accomplish the graduation. So I kindly request your
> feedback!
> Thanks
> Michael

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