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From Shwetha Shivalingamurthy <sshivalingamur...@hortonworks.com>
Subject Re: Issue with updated oozie
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 04:54:18 GMT
Can you get the stacktrace from falcon and oozie log?


From: Mahak Mukhi <mmukhi@yahoo-inc.com.INVALID>
Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 2015 1:10 AM
To: dev@falcon.apache.org
Cc: Aaron Gresch
Subject: Issue with updated oozie

I recently updated oozie so that I could do replication between hcat servers but now the replication
feeds without hcat are failing! I get this exception every time I try and submitAndSchedule
a replication feed that has a location tag instead of table.
org.apache.falcon.FalconException: E0803 : E0803: IO error, null
Caused by: E0803 : E0803: IO error, null

My feed xml looks like this:
<feed description="replication feed with hcat" name="repl-with-hcat-VERSION" xmlns="uri:falcon:feed:0.1">

    <late-arrival cut-off="days(90)"/>

        <cluster name="some_cluster" type="source">
            <validity start="2015-02-09T17:07Z" end="2030-01-01T00:00Z"/>
            <retention limit="days(200)" action="delete"/>
        <cluster name="some_other_cluster" type="target">
            <validity start="2015-02-09T17:07Z" end="2030-01-01T00:00Z"/>
            <retention limit="days(200)" action="delete"/>
                    <location type="data" path="/data/repl-in/repl-feb10/${YEAR}/${MONTH}/${DAY}/${HOUR}/${MINUTE}"/>

        <location type="data" path="/data/in/repl/${YEAR}/${MONTH}/${DAY}/${HOUR}/${MINUTE}"/>

    <ACL owner="some_user" group="users" permission="0x644"/>
    <schema location="/schema/log/log.format.csv" provider="csv"/>

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