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From pio...@apache.org
Subject git commit: [flex-falcon] [refs/heads/develop] - FLEX-35086 - Update release notes with bug fixes
Date Tue, 03 May 2016 07:35:33 GMT
Repository: flex-falcon
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/develop 520e6a526 -> 3fe462f0b

FLEX-35086 - Update release notes with bug fixes

Project: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-falcon/repo
Commit: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-falcon/commit/3fe462f0
Tree: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-falcon/tree/3fe462f0
Diff: http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/flex-falcon/diff/3fe462f0

Branch: refs/heads/develop
Commit: 3fe462f0b6cd6896bea3419c9bb3328df3cbde7e
Parents: 520e6a5
Author: piotrz <piotrz@apache.org>
Authored: Tue May 3 09:35:29 2016 +0200
Committer: piotrz <piotrz@apache.org>
Committed: Tue May 3 09:35:29 2016 +0200

 RELEASE_NOTES_JX | 55 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 55 insertions(+)

index 5dfd3f5..92f76ca 100644
@@ -11,6 +11,17 @@ The ability to use source maps to see your ActionScript source in the browser
 In addition, lots of bug fixes and small improvements are included in this release. 
+Bug Fixes
+-FLEX-35081 Null Pointer Exception in attempt of overriding data property in item renderer
+-FLEX-35077 Missed case of XML assingment
+-FLEX-35074 Wrong method used for setting XML attributes
+-FLEX-35073 Multiline XML literal not compiled correctly
+-FLEX-35072 "+" operator failure on XMLList
+-FLEX-35071 Extra "this" causing error
+-FLEX-35067 XML literals are not compiled into constructors when the variable was already
+-FLEX-35066 XML literals passed into functions are not compiled correctly
+-FLEX-35065 Object literals don't always work
 Apache Flex 'FalconJX' Cross-Compiler 0.6.0
@@ -26,6 +37,28 @@ Highlights in this release include:
 In addition, lots of bug fixes and small improvements are included in this release. 
+Bug Fixes
+-FLEX-35053 Compiler does not respect the implements="..." attribute in MXML
+-FLEX-35033 State Transition issue in FlexJS
+-FLEX-35006 bug in mxmlc/compc/etc scripts when flexjs path contains spaces
+-FLEX-35005 internal class members do not get prefixed with "this." when cross-compiling
+-FLEX-35004 package-level functions do not get cross-compiled
+-FLEX-34995 call to Language.closure() generated incorrectly when function is static
+-FLEX-34994 single-line asdoc comment /**...*/ generates invalid JS output
+-FLEX-34993 implicit super() constructor call receives subclass constructor params
+-FLEX-34992 Missing FLEXJS_CLASS_INFO in class internal to a file
+-FLEX-34991 Problem with setter/getter in .as file with multiple classes
+-FLEX-34990 "new" operator combined with function invocation cross-compiles incorrectly
+-FLEX-34989 String literals cross-compile incorrectly
+-FLEX-34987 Parentheses are lost around ternary operator
+-FLEX-34986 const class member variables get initialized incorrectly
+-FLEX-34985 "is" and "as" operators cross-compile incorrectly when using class member variables
+-FLEX-34984 for-each loops cross-compile incorrectly
+-FLEX-34983 Variables get annotated incorrectly when the class name contains "String"
+-FLEX-34771 Cross-Compile from AS to JS fails to generate "super" call.
+-FLEX-33918 Unknown type error generated for known type
+-FLEX-33917 Fully qualified class missing
 Apache Flex 'FalconJX' Cross-Compiler 0.5.0
@@ -43,6 +76,19 @@ the wiki for instructions: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/FLEX/Usin
 In addition, lots of bug fixes and small improvements are included in this release. 
+Bug Fixes
+-FLEX-34915 Shorthand for Vector (new <String>[]) doesn't transpile to []
+-FLEX-34913 Types passed by reference should not be stored on the prototype because they
are shared by all instances
+-FLEX-34912 Object class in JS.swc is not dynamic, resulting in error when setting properties
+-FLEX-34897 Scope is wrong when calling member function from a variable reference
+-FLEX-34875 spec for the d.as (ActionScript definition) file (a library SWC)
+-FLEX-34874 d.ts parser/tokenizer for simple API generation
+-FLEX-34872 A HTML.swc needs to be created for the DOM API
+-FLEX-34871 A builtin.swc, non playerglobal needs to be created for non FlexJS compiler runs
+-FLEX-34552 FalconJX should be aware of Date properties
+-FLEX-34544 Preserve ASDoc style comments
 Apache Flex 'FalconJX' Cross-Compiler 0.0.2
@@ -53,6 +99,10 @@ to JavaScript.  It is intended for use as the cross-compiler for Apache
FlexJS S
 The only major change in this release is to speed up cross-compilation by only copying a
subset of the Google Closure Library files to the output folder.
+Bug Fixes
+-FLEX-34258 Error cross-compiling on Windows
+-FLEX-34225 Configurations dependent on loading order of methods
 Apache Flex 'FalconJX' Cross-Compiler 0.0.1
@@ -62,6 +112,11 @@ compiler that, instead of creating a SWF or SWC, cross compiles MXML and
 to JavaScript.  It is intended for use as the cross-compiler for Apache FlexJS SDKs.  
 It is an extension of the Apache Flex 'Falcon' Compiler. 
+Bug Fixes
+-FLEX-34224 An option to specifiy the output folder is missing
+-FLEX-33925 goog.require not being generated
 Known Issues

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