Now, I am able to create an class of flink she'll front end UI class. Once I have this instance, I can launch cmd in Java. Cmd has features to connect remote resource manager to do most if actions.


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I have a similar issue. Here is how I deal with programmatically stopping permanent streaming jobs, and I’m interested in knowing if there is a better way now.


Currently, I use hand-made streaming sources that periodically check for some flag and end if a stop request was made. Stopping the source allow the on-going streaming jobs to finish smoothly.

That way, by using a “live file” presence check in my sources, and creating a “stopped ok file” when the streaming execution ends ok, I’m able to make  “a stopping shell script” that notify the streaming chain of a user cancellation by deleting the “live file” and checking for the “stopped ok file” in a waiting loop before ending.


This stopping shell script allow me to automate “stop/start” scripts when I need to perform some task (like a reference table refresh) that requires the streaming job to be stopped (without cancelling it from the rest interface, so without relying on the snapshot system to prevent the loss of intermediate data, and allowing me to implement clean-up code if needed).


The drawback of this method is not being able to use “off-the-shelf” sources directly, I always have to wrap or patch them to implement the live file check.


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right now this is not possible, I'm afraid.


I'm looping in Max who has done some work in that direction. Maybe he's got something to say.





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Hi folks,
How to stop link job given job_id through java API?

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