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From Chet Masterson <chet.master...@yandex.com>
Subject Re: Queryable State
Date Tue, 02 May 2017 12:53:53 GMT
<div>Can do. Any advice on where the trace prints should go in the task manager source
code?</div><div> </div><div>BTW - How do I know I have a correctly
configured cluster? Is there a set of messages in the job / task manager logs that indicate
all required connectivity is present? I know I use the UI to make sure all the task managers
are present, and that the job is running on all of them, but is there some verbiage in the
logs that indicates the job manager can talk to all the task managers, and vice versa?</div><div> </div><div>Thanks!</div><div> </div><div> </div><div>02.05.2017,
06:03, "Ufuk Celebi" &lt;uce@apache.org&gt;:</div><blockquote type="cite"><p>Hey
Chet! I'm wondering why you are only seeing 2 registration<br />messages for 3 task
managers. Unfortunately, there is no log message<br />at the task managers when they
send out the notification. Is it<br />possible for you to run a remote debugger with
the task managers or<br />build a custom Flink version with the appropriate log messages
on the<br />task manager side?<br />– Ufuk<br /><br /><br />On
Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 2:20 PM, Chet Masterson<br />&lt;<a href="mailto:chet.masterson@yandex.com">chet.masterson@yandex.com</a>&gt;
wrote:</p> <blockquote> Any insight here? I've got a situation where a key value
state on a task<br /> manager is being registered with the job manager, but when I
try to query<br /> it, the job manager responds it doesn't know the location of the
key value<br /> state...<br /><br /><br /> 26.04.2017, 12:11, "Chet
Masterson" &lt;<a href="mailto:chet.masterson@yandex.com">chet.masterson@yandex.com</a>&gt;:<br
/><br /> After setting the logging to DEBUG on the job manager, I learned four<br
/> things:<br /><br /> (On the message formatting below, I have the Flink
logs formatted into JSON<br /> so I can import them into Kibana)<br /><br
/> 1. The appropriate key value state is registered in both parallelism = 1 and<br
/> parallelism = 3 environments. In parallelism = 1, I saw one registration<br /> message
in the log, in the parallelism = 3, I saw two registration messages:<br /> {"level":"DEBUG","time":"<span>2017-04-26</span><br
/> 15:54:55,254","class":"org.apache.flink.runtime.jobmanager.JobManager","ndc":"",<br
/> "msg":"Key value state registered for job &lt;job id&gt; under name &lt;statename&gt;"}<br
/><br /> 2. When I issued the query in both parallelism = 1 and parallelism = 3<br
/> environments, I saw "Lookup key-value state for job &lt;job id&gt; with<br
/> registration name &lt;statename&gt;". In parallelism = 1, I saw 1 log message,
in<br /> parallelism = 3, I saw two identical messages.<br /><br /> 3.
I saw no other messages in the job manager log that seemed relevant.<br /><br /> 4.
When issuing the query in parallelism = 3, I continued to get the error:<br /> org.apache.flink.runtime.query.UnknownKvStateKeyGroupLocation
with a message<br /> of null.<br /><br /> Thanks!<br /><br /><br
/><br /><br /><br /> 26.04.2017, 09:52, "Ufuk Celebi" &lt;<a
href="mailto:uce@apache.org">uce@apache.org</a>&gt;:<br /><br /> Thanks!
Your config looks good to me.<br /><br /> Could you please set the log level
org.apache.flink.runtime.jobmanager to<br /> DEBUG?<br /><br /> log4j.logger.org.apache.flink.runtime.jobmanager=DEBUG<br
/><br /> Then we can check whether the JobManager logs the registration of the<br
/> state instance with the respective name in the case of parallelism &gt;<br /> 1?<br
/><br /> Expected output is something like this: "Key value state registered<br
/> for job ${msg.getJobId} under name ${msg.getRegistrationName}."<br /><br /> –
Ufuk<br /><br /> On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 3:06 PM, Chet Masterson<br /> &lt;<a
href="mailto:chet.masterson@yandex.com">chet.masterson@yandex.com</a>&gt; wrote:<br
/><br />  Ok...more information.<br /><br />  1. Built a fresh cluster
from the ground up. Started testing queryable<br /> state<br />  at each step.<br
/>  2. When running under any configuration of task managers and job managers<br />  were
parallelism = 1, the queries execute as expected.<br />  3. As soon as I cross over
to parallelism = 3 with 3 task managers (1 job<br />  manager) feeding off a kafka
topic partitioned three ways, queries will<br />  always fail, returning error<br
/>  (org.apache.flink.runtime.query.UnknownKvStateKeyGroupLocation) with an<br />  error
message of null.<br />  4. I do know my state is as expected on the cluster. Liberal
use of trace<br />  prints show my state managed on the jobs is as I expect. However,
I cannot<br />  query them external.<br />  5. I am sending the query to jobmanager.rpc.port
= 6123, which I confirmed<br />  is configured by using the job manager UI.<br
/>  6. My flink-conf.yaml:<br /><br />  jobmanager.rpc.address: flink01<br
/>  jobmanager.rpc.port: 6123<br />  jobmanager.heap.mb: 256<br /><br
/>  taskmanager.heap.mb: 512<br />  taskmanager.data.port: 6121<br />  taskmanager.numberOfTaskSlots:
1<br />  taskmanager.memory.preallocate: false<br /><br />  parallelism.default:
1<br />  blob.server.port: 6130<br /><br />  jobmanager.web.port: 8081<br
/>  query.server.enable: true<br /><br />  7. I do know my job is indeed
running in parallel, from trace prints going<br />  to the task manager logs.<br
/><br />  Do I need a backend configured when running in parallel for the queryable<br
/>  state? Do I need a shared temp directory on the task managers?<br /><br
/>  THANKS!<br /><br /><br />  25.04.2017, 04:24, "Ufuk Celebi" &lt;<a
href="mailto:uce@apache.org">uce@apache.org</a>&gt;:<br /><br />  It's
strange that the rpc port is set to 30000 when you use a<br />  standalone cluster
and configure 6123 as the port. I'm pretty sure<br />  that the config has not been
updated.<br /><br />  But everything should work as you say when you point it
to the correct<br />  jobmanager address and port. Could you please post the complete<br
/>  stacktrace you get instead of the message you log?<br /><br /><br
/>  On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 5:31 PM, Chet Masterson<br />  &lt;<a href="mailto:chet.masterson@yandex.com">chet.masterson@yandex.com</a>&gt;
wrote:<br /><br /><br /><br />   More information:<br /><br
/>   0. I did remove the query.server.port and query.server.enabled from all<br />   flink-conf.yaml
files, and restarted the cluster.<br /><br />   1. The Akka error doesn't seem
to have anything to do with the problem. If<br />  I<br />   point my query
client at an IP address with no Flink server running at<br /> all,<br />   I
get that error. It seems to be a (side effect?) timeout for "no flink<br />   service
is listening on the port you told me to check"<br /><br />   2. I did notice
(using the Flink Web UI) even with the config file changes<br />   in 0, and no changes
to the default flink-conf.yaml the<br /> jobmanager.rpc.port<br />   (6123),
on my cluster, jobmanager.rpc.port is set to 30000.<br /><br />   3. If I do
send a query using the jobmanager.rpc.address and the<br />   jobmanager.rpc.port
as displayed in the Flink Web UI, the connection to<br />  from<br />   the
client to Flink will be initiated and completed. When I try to execute<br />   the
query (code below), it will fail, and will get trapped. When I look at<br />   the
error message returned (e.getMessage() below), it is simply 'null':<br /><br />   try
{<br />         byte[] serializedResult = Await.result(future, new<br />   FiniteDuration(maxQueryTime,
TimeUnit.SECONDS));<br />         // de-serialize, commented out for testing<br
/>         return null;<br />           }<br />           catch
(Exception e) {<br />               logger.error("Queryable State Error:<br
/>   "+key+"-"+flinkJobID+"-"+stateName+" Error: "+e.getMessage());<br />               return
null;<br />           }<br /><br />   Should I be sending
the query to the job manager on the the job manager's<br />   rpc port when flink
is clustered?<br /><br />   ALSO - I do know the state name I am trying to
query exists, is populated,<br />   and the job id exists. I also know the task managers
are communicating<br /> with<br />   the job managers (task managers data
port: 6121) and processed the data<br />  that<br />   resulted in the state
variable I am trying to query being populated. All<br />   this was logged.<br
/><br /><br />   24.04.2017, 10:34, "Ufuk Celebi" &lt;<a href="mailto:uce@apache.org">uce@apache.org</a>&gt;:<br
/><br />   Hey Chet! You can remove<br /><br />   query.server.port:
6123<br />   query.server.enable: true<br /><br />   That shouldn't
cause the Exception we see here though. I'm actually<br />   not sure what is causing
the PduCodecException. Could this be related<br />   to different Akka versions being
used in Flink and your client code?<br />   [1] Is it possible for you to check this?<br
/><br />   – Ufuk<br /><br />   [1] <a href="https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/akka-user/vr1uXsf9gW0">https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/akka-user/vr1uXsf9gW0</a></blockquote></blockquote>
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