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From Cliff Resnick <cre...@gmail.com>
Subject Question on checkpoint management
Date Mon, 08 May 2017 17:33:46 GMT
When a job cancel-with-savepoint finishes a successful Savepoint, the
preceding last successful Checkpoint is removed. Is this the intended
behavior? I thought that checkpoints and savepoints were separate entities
and, as such, savepoints should not infringe on checkpoints. This is
actually an issue for us because we have seen occurrences of false-positive
successful savepoints, perhaps due to S3 latency. Bottom line, we'd like to
treat savepoints as insurance rather than the critical path and would
rather they be oblivious to checkpoint management.

We are using externalized checkpoints, which may be confusing things. Also
I know checkpoint management is undergoing some changes in Flink 1.3 (we
are on Flink 1.2.0). Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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