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From Adrienne Kole <adrienneko...@gmail.com>
Subject AllWindowed vs Windowed with 1 key
Date Sun, 07 May 2017 21:23:45 GMT

I am doing simple aggregation with a keyed and global windows in flink.
When I compare the keyed window aggregation with 1 key and global window
(which has parallelism 1) I would expect that both of them would have
similar performance.

However, keyed stream with 1 key performs with 2x more throughput than
global window.
My configuration is 8 node cluster, 16 core in each node, parallelism = 128.

AFAIK, Flink doesn't manage skew by default and uses hash function to
assign keys to partitions. So if I have 1 key only, it should go to only
one partition always, which is semantically similar to global windows in

What can be the reason behind this difference in performance?


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