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From "m@xi" <makisnt...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Kafka 0.11
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2018 11:13:00 GMT
Hey Michael! Thanks a lot for your answer.

1 -- OK then. Seems that Kafka version 0.11 is the most preferable since it
supports exactly-once semantics.

2 -- I have implemented my algorithm in Flink but I would like to implement
it on Kafka streams. All of them should run on a Flink cluster (standalone
cluster with 1 and also >1 machines). Finally, I would like to compare the
performance of the Flinks join algorithm with the performance of join
implemented in Kafka Streams. More specifically, I have impemented a custom
join in Flink and 1) I do not know if I may do the same with Kafka Streams,
and 2) Currently, I do not use Kafka, although I should if I would like to
compare with Kafka Streams as it only operates on top of Kafka brokers

3 -- Imagine an algorithm A as a black box. Do you think that there are big
differences performance wise in the next to scenarios: 1) Flink_read input
from txt files, and 2) Flink+Kafka use Kafka for moving the streams.

4 -- I am now trying to setup Flink on a cluster of many machines in
Microsoft Azure. If you have any experience or any tutorial related to it
please forward it to me.

Thanks in advance. If also someone else may help, it is more than welcome!


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