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From "Nortman, Bill" <William.Nort...@pimco.com>
Subject CEP Debugging
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2018 21:51:25 GMT
So I have events coming in in this format
TransactionID, MicroserviceName, Direction,EpochTimeStamp.
For each call to a microservice and event is generates with a timestamp with direction of
"in". Then when completed it generates with a timestamp with direction of "out".
I need to calculate latency for both the microservices per transactions and for the entire
Example Data (TransactionID, MicroserviceName, Direction,EpochTimeStamp)
Look for a pattern to handle this.
Something like this
        Pattern<MetricsEvent,?> pattern = Pattern.<MetricsEvent>begin("myBegin").where(
            new SimpleCondition<MetricsEvent>() {
                public boolean filter(MetricsEvent metricsEvent) throws Exception {
                    return metricsEvent.getDirection().equals("in");
            new SimpleCondition<MetricsEvent>() {
                public boolean filter(MetricsEvent metricsEvent) throws Exception {
                    metricsEvent.getApplication().equals(//PREVIOUS EVENT.getApplication()))
                    return false;
I'm note sure how to get the previous event to compare too.
Then how to calculate the latency between the two events?
So I tried this
    Pattern<MetricsEvent, ?> pattern = Pattern.<MetricsEvent>begin("myBegin").where(
            new SimpleCondition<MetricsEvent>() {
                public boolean filter(final MetricsEvent metricsEvent)  {
                    System.out.println("Begin Filter");
                    return !metricsEvent.getEventType().equals("in");

            new SimpleCondition<MetricsEvent>() {
                public boolean filter(final MetricsEvent metricsEvent) {
                    return !metricsEvent.getEventType().equals("out");
    // Define a stream processor using the pattern
    PatternStream<MetricsEvent> patternStream = CEP.pattern(

    // Process the stream
    System.out.println("************* Pattern Processing");
    SingleOutputStreamOperator<MetricLatency> latencyEvents =
            patternStream.flatSelect(new ApplicationLatencyFlatSelectFunction());
With this as the latency calc
public class ApplicationLatencyFlatSelectFunction implements
    org.apache.flink.cep.PatternFlatSelectFunction<MetricsEvent, MetricLatency> {
@SuppressWarnings("CheckStyle") // Base class method doesn't have JavaDoc
public void flatSelect(final Map<String, List<MetricsEvent>> map, final Collector<MetricLatency>
collector) {
        System.out.println("zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  Flat Select From Pattern");
        MetricsEvent begin = map.get("myBegin").get(0);
        List<MetricsEvent> ends = map.get("followed");
        for (MetricsEvent me: ends
                ) {
            if (me.getApplication().equals(begin.getApplication())) {
                Long latency = me.getEpochTime() - begin.getEpochTime();
                collector.collect(new MetricLatency(begin.getUid(), begin.getApplication(),

However I don't get any output, the printlines in the pattern or the flatselect function never
How do you debug something like this?

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