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From Julio Biason <julio.bia...@azion.com>
Subject Side outputs never getting consumed
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2018 19:53:23 GMT
Hey guys,

I have a pipeline that generates two different types of data (but both use
the same trait) and I need to save each on a different sink.

So far, things were working with splits, but it seems using splits with
side outputs (for the late data, which we'll plug a late arrival handling)
causes errors, so I changed everything to side outputs.

To select a side output based on type, I did the following:

class MetricTypeSplitter(accountingTag:OutputTag[Metric],
analysingTag:OutputTag[Metric]) extends ProcessFunction[Metric, Metric] {

  val logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(this.getClass)

  override def processElement(
    ctx:ProcessFunction[Metric, Metric]#Context,
  ): Unit = {
    value match {
      case record:AccountingMetric => {
        logger.info(s"Sending ${record} to Accounting")
        ctx.output(accountingTag, record)
      case record:AnalysingMetric => {
        logger.info(s"Sending ${record} to Analysis")
        ctx.output(analysingTag, record)
      case _ => {
        logger.error(s"Don't know the type of ${value}")

And at the end of the pipeline I add the splitter:

      .process(new MetricTypeSplitter(accountTag, analysisTag))

So far, this works and I can see the logs of which tag each metric in being
sent being generated. The second part, in which I capture the side output
and send the data to sink, doesn't seem to work, though:

      .map { tuple => AccountingSink.toRow(tuple) }.name("Accounting rows")


And here is the problem: It seems .getSideOutput() is never actually
getting the side output because a the logger in AccoutingSink.toRow() is
never happening and the data is not showing on our database (toRow()
convers the Metric to a Row and accountingSInk.output returns the

Any ideas what I need to do for side outputs to be actually captured?

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