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From Ivan Wang <ivan.wang2...@gmail.com>
Subject Is Flink able to do real time stock market analysis?
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2018 00:40:21 GMT
Hi all,

I've spent nearly 2 weeks trying to figure a solution to my requirement as
below. If anyone can advise, that would be great.

1. There're going to be 2000 transactions per second as StreamRaw, I'm
going to tumbleWindow them as StreamA, let's say every 15 seconds. Then I'm
going to countWindow StreamA as StreamB, let's say every 20 events.

2. For every event in  StreamRaw as E, I need to find exact one event in
StreamB which is earlier than E and closest to E. Then some comparison will
be proceeded. For example, if timestamp in E is 9:46:38, there should be an
event in StreamB with timestamp 9:46:30 because I use 15 seconds interval.

I tried CEP using StreamRaw, however, I didn't figure out how to involve
StreamB and get the exact one event in condition method.

I tried tableAPI and SQL, it throws time attribute error during the second
window method.


Seems there's no way to tell Flink the time attribute after the first
window.group(). I then tried to convert it into table first then
leftoutJoin them. But Flink tells me it's not supported.

Is Flink able to do this? If not, I'll go for other alternatives. Thanks
again if someone can help.

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