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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject What's next...
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2016 23:55:54 GMT
I mean, unless someone says otherwise...

2.3.24-rc01-incubating is already downloadable at, but as policy says
to wait 24 hours before announcement, we do. As it's not a stable
release, I don't plan to make it available on Maven Central, only in,
though I can be convinced otherwise.

After the announcement, I also want to release 2.3.24-rc01-incubating
on Is that practice OK with the ASF?

Around the end of February the final release will be voted on, so
please try to make 2.3.24-rc01 fail. Especially the new features. I
will be very busy at workplace until the end of March, so any help is
highly welcome.

For 2.3.24, will need an
outputFormat dropdown. (A locale and incompatibleImprovements dropdown
would be useful too.) Anyone?

After 2.3.24, I think it's time to focus heavily on 3.0, because
otherwise FM has just no chance to be sexy/interesting enough to pick
up enough contributor activity to survive. As I said earlier, I don't
want 3.0 to be a complete rewrite, instead I plant to gradually
transform the code, keeping the battle tested parts and the familiar
2.x idioms where reasonable. But surely quite a few parts will have to
be trashed and rewritten, and especially at the beginning the commit
diffs will be overwhelming. This will be a lot of work BTW. If no one
will help at least with tooling, testing, it might happens too slowly.

And of course it doesn't mean that 2.3.25 shouldn't go on. It
certainly won't be a feature heavy release though.

 Daniel Dekany

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