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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: search, apache incubator logo on
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2016 17:10:54 GMT
OK, I have found something. We were using custom search
014728049242975963158:8awjt03uofm, which I apparently can't manage
(which is a problem). The one whose settings I have checked is
003127866208504630097:arjqbv_znfw, which seems to work, except, it's
formatting is a bit off... Anyway that's now what uses,
so now the search gives the correct hits. Evanglia, could you either
fix the formatting of 003127866208504630097:arjqbv_znfw as you did
with 014728049242975963158:8awjt03uofm, or update the domain in
014728049242975963158:8awjt03uofm and give administrative rights to it
to me too?

Monday, March 28, 2016, 6:48:17 PM, Daniel Dekany wrote:

> Hi,
> custom search seems to be broken again. Like if you
> search for "servlet", it won't find the obvious top hit,
>, while normal Google
> search does. I remember last time it was a problem after we have
> changed our domain to, and now we have
> switched back to I have checked the custom search
> settings, but I can't see anything problematic. However, the custom
> search hits still show the old domain, so that's maybe a sign. How did
> you fix this last time?
> We got this non-critical policy problem: "Podlings websites SHOULD
> contain the Apache Incubator Project logo as sign of affiliation."
> While it's only "SHOULD", we are stretching the limits by using
> instead of the incubator domain, so it would be better
> if we show the logo. It's there at the top right:
> Yeah, I don't
> know where to put this big thing, or how to adjust it to fit the look
> of any ideas?

 Daniel Dekany

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