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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject search, apache incubator logo on
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2016 16:48:17 GMT
Hi, custom search seems to be broken again. Like if you
search for "servlet", it won't find the obvious top hit,, while normal Google
search does. I remember last time it was a problem after we have
changed our domain to, and now we have
switched back to I have checked the custom search
settings, but I can't see anything problematic. However, the custom
search hits still show the old domain, so that's maybe a sign. How did
you fix this last time?

We got this non-critical policy problem: "Podlings websites SHOULD
contain the Apache Incubator Project logo as sign of affiliation."
While it's only "SHOULD", we are stretching the limits by using instead of the incubator domain, so it would be better
if we show the logo. It's there at the top right: Yeah, I don't
know where to put this big thing, or how to adjust it to fit the look
of any ideas?

 Daniel Dekany

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