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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: Auto-Sanitization for FreeMarker
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2016 18:12:28 GMT

FreeMarker 2.3.24 (not yet released, though it meant to be ASAP) adds
a simple auto-escaping feature. It's not context sensitive. It's
pretty much just a better version of #escape. I mention it as it might
interferes on some ways with your work. This is the guide for it:
Note that we have TemplateMarkupOutputModel objects on runtime, which
prevents double-escaping. As you track data flow on runtime, maybe
that's something that you can utilize. If so, I can put 2.3.24 on hold
and see how it could be improved to serve that goal.

As of having different branches of 2.x, I haven't seen how different
your branch is, but as currently FM development resources are very
scarce, it's perhaps not a realistic to maintain an additional branch.
But, there's a plan for starting a FreeMarker 3 branch, whose purpose
is getting rid of the backward compatibility baggage piled up in the
last ~12 years, and fixing some known design issues, be ignoring
backward compatibility. (If it will happen, it will be in a separate
package, so it can be used next to FreeMarker 2.x, which will pretty
much switch to maintenance mode.) FreeMarker 3 is also a good chance
to put in architectural changes upon which more ambitious features can
be built, such as more intelligent white-space handling, or maybe
context sensitive escaping too. So I'm interested in what's needed for
context sensitive escaping to work.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 4:03:57 PM, Matthew Van Gundy wrote:

> Hi dev@freemarker,
> Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities are embarrassingly common in
> web applications.  A few of us in the Cisco Advanced Security
> Initiatives Group have extended FreeMarker to support context-sensitive
> auto-sanitization in order to automatically detect and prevent
> Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities.  We would like to contribute our
> improvements back to the open-source community.  As part of that
> process, we'd like to solicit your feedback about whether and under what
> conditions FreeMarker might be willing to integrate our changes or if it
> would be better to maintain a fork that attempts to retain compatibility
> and feature parity with FreeMarker.
> Our modified FreeMarker:
> * Precisely tracks the flow of untrusted data through the FreeMarker
>   engine
> * Tracks the current parsing context of an HTML5-compliant browser
>   parser
> * Automatically sanitizes untrusted data correctly for the enclosing
>   HTML/JavaScript/CSS context where the data is to be embedded
> * Detects manually-sanitized data and avoids over-sanitization as long
>   as the manually-applied sanitization is safe for the enclosing web
>   page context
> For example, given the template:
> Hello ${email}!
> <button onclick="signin('${email}')">
> When rendered with email = "<script>pwn()</script>" the result will be:
> Hello &lt;script&rt;pwn()&lt;/script&rt;!
> <button onclick="signin('&lt;script&rt;pwn()&lt;/script&rt;')">
> When rendered with email = "'+ pwn() +'" the result will be:
> Hello '+ pwn() +'!
> <button onclick="signin('\'+ pwn() +\'')">
> In both cases, whenever untrusted data is embedded into a web page, it
> is sanitized safely and correctly for the enclosing context.  Our
> approach was inspired by Closure Templates [1] and Samuel, Saxena, and
> Song's CCS 2011 paper on Context-Sensitive Auto-Sanitization [2] with
> the caveat that our system does not perform static analysis, it is
> runtime only.
> As a runtime-only approach, there is a performance impact.  In our
> current benchmarks, data flow tracking alone incurs a 1.6x slowdown
> while full context-sensitive auto-sanitization (including data flow
> tracking) incurs a 2x slowdown.
> Precise data flow tracking requires all string operations in the
> FreeMarker engine to be instrumented.  It is not possible to allow data
> flow tracking to be enabled/disabled on demand without extensive
> refactoring.  As a result, the 1.6x slowdown due to data flow tracking
> is always present in the current implementation.  To mitigate this for
> applications that cannot incur a 1.6x slowdown in template rendering, we
> provide an API-compatible replacement for freemarker.jar which can be
> used during testing.  In this use case, our system provides a
> verification that manual sanitization has been applied correctly for all
> test cases seen during the normal dev-test cycle.
> We would like your opinions on whether and under what constraints,
> FreeMarker would be interested in adopting these changes.  Would
> FreeMarker be interested in offering a context-sensitive auto-sanitizing
> branch which maintains feature parity with the main release but provides
> additional safety for a performance cost?  If extensive refactoring
> could allow data flow tracking and auto-sanitization could be
> selectively enabled, would FreeMarker be willing to integrate those
> changes?  Or, would releasing a separate project be the preferred route?
> Thank you for all of your hard work creating an excellent tool.  We
> appreciate any feedback you may have.
> Matt
> [1]
> [2]

 Daniel Dekany

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