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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: Someone wants to help with the JBoss IDE plugin?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2016 23:22:10 GMT
Someone could still figure out if we can legally offer our own JBoss
FreeMarker IDE build for download, and how is it best to distribute
(like should we host our own update site somewhere?).

Why? As I have said earlier, FreeMarker IDE fixes get into JBoss IDE
releases with quite big delay. Like I have some 4 months old pull
requests, quite simple ones, but none of them is merged in yet. I have
asked about it, and was told that maybe they will find time reviewing
them for the JBoss IDE release for Eclipse Neon. I guess that will be
a few more months. So, we could release updates with a half a year
less delay or such, which is clearly significant.

Monday, September 28, 2015, 12:10:08 AM, Daniel Dekany wrote:

> So it's on, but...
> - I just want to emphasize that it's quite important for the success
>   of the project. People need to edit the templates with something,
>   and efficiently. For you convenience, the pending Jira issues:
> - You can help even if you aren't into Eclipse plugin development! A
>   problem is currently that the release of the plugin seems to be
>   bound to the release of the JBoss Tools project which is very
>   infrequent for our purpose. Maybe the fixes should just be
>   back-ported into the previous JBoss Tools branch too solve that, and
>   that's not done, but I really don't know. In any case, currently,
>   FreeMarker IDE release cycles are way too slow [*]. A solution for
>   this should be figured out, and discussed with the JBoss Tools guys.
>   Like, just as an example, maybe we should set up our own plugin
>   update site, and do the builds ourselves, but then legal issues has
>   to be considered, and if that could interfere with the JBoss Tools
>   installation of the users.
> *: For example, I have asked to increase the FreeMarker version in
>    2.3.23. And sure it was done in the repo quickly (thanks to Denis
>    Golovin who has also squashed several FreeMarker IDE bugs), but
>    it's scheduled for JBoss Tools 4.4.0. That, I guess, is about 12
>    months away! Until that, FreeMarker IDE won't handle the new
>    features of 2.3.23, which was released months ago. Or, FreeMarker
>    IDE was pretty much unusably broken in 4.2.0. Months ago, it was
>    fixed, and now its quite usable. Big difference. But for most user
>    that will only become visible in 4.3.0, which is has only entered
>    CR1 state not very long ago. Now, it all could be kind of OK, if
>    there were JBoss IDE dependencies in FreeMarker IDE, or the other
>    way around, but as far as I see there's pretty much none. So
>    technically FreeMarker IDE could be released independently.

 Daniel Dekany

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