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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject [FM3] TemplateModel interfaces cleanup
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2017 06:49:57 GMT
While, yet again, I try to not invest too much into
TemplateModel-s/ObjectWrapping due to the possibility to switching to
MOP-s, I though some fast cleanup of concepts can help migration to
MOP-s, and can help quite much anyone who wants to wrap their head
around how things work. I would also do this for "safety", in case we
won't do MOP-s at all due to time constraints.

Renaming some TempltaeModel-s:
- TemplateScalarModel to TemplateStringModel
- TemplateCollectionModel to TemplateIterableModel
- TemplateCollectionModelEx to TemplateCollectionModel

TemplateSequenceModel should extend TemplateCollectionModel (I mean
the one we have renamed to, FM2 TemplateCollectionModelEx).

(And if we won't switch to MOP-s, then there will me more to do,
especially allowing non-String keys for "hashes"... that will be a
hard one.)

 Daniel Dekany

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