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Subject Re: Request For Comment - freemarker-cli
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2017 11:52:56 GMT
Thanks Siegfried, looks good. 

It has dependency on org.jayway.jsonpath, org.apache.poi and org.apache.commons, need to think
how to handle that (I may select a different csv parser in fact).


-- Denis.
  Original Message  
From: Siegfried Goeschl
Sent: Monday, 6 March 2017 11:07
Reply To:
Subject: Request For Comment - freemarker-cli

Hi folks,

I'm playing around with Template Engines for a couple of years and over Christmas I moved
some of my code from Velocity for FreeMarker.

One piece of code which could be useful to the public is

* Don’t now if I already re-invented the wheel :-)
* Please note that this is my first contact with Apache FreeMarker
* I would like to ditch Groovy and migrate to a stand-alone Java application
* It is already under ASL-2.0

So the question is - could this be a useful contribution to the project?! As far as I know
open source is not oneway only :-)

Thanks in advance,

Siegfried Goeschl

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