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From Daniel Dekany <>
Subject Re: Moving JBoss FreeMarker IDE (Eclipse plugin) to the ASF?
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2018 09:32:40 GMT
Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 5:07:49 PM, Daniel Dekany wrote:

> The only Eclipse plugin in reasonable state for editing FreeMarker
> templates is "FreeMarker IDE", which is part of the JBoss Tools
> project. See the top entry at
>, and also
> However, RedHat has deprecated and now removed the "FreeMarker IDE"
> plugin from JBoss Tools and Devstudio. See:
> So I think "FreeMarker IDE" should be brought over to the ASF,
> similarly as FreeMarker-Online was. Also the Eclipse update "site"
> should be hosted on ASF infrastructure. I have started a discussion to
> explore this possibility, and so far it seems it's fine on their side:
> The code is under EPL,

Wrong, sorry... It's under LGPL 2.1 (and the copyright holder is
RedHat "and individual contributors"), at least on most source files.

I have suggested at JBoss Tools that if they sign CCLA and then make a
PR to a repo at ASF that we create for this product, that way
contributing the whole source code to the ASF, then we can replace the
license headers etc. I have indicated that this is just my personal
understanding. So, will that work? We did the same with "FreeMarker

> but of course they should "contribute" the code
> the ASF where we can replace the license with ASL2, and rename the
> packages.
> Technically, "FreeMarker IDE" is independent of the rest of JBoss
> Tools, we only had to substitute (as it's not
> in the Maven Central, it's not an acceptable dependency IMO).

Also, tests depend on jbosstools-base and jbosstools-locus, which
aren't available in Maven Central either. (They are in JCenter, but
outdated, compared to

> What do you think? Will the ASF be fine with bringing over yet another
> FreeMarker related project? Do you think it's good to do?
> My opinion is that the more control we have over such products, the
> easier it is to ensure that they remain maintained and available to
> the users.

 Daniel Dekany

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