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From Jacques Le Roux <>
Subject Re: instead of
Date Sun, 20 May 2018 09:28:01 GMT

Le 20/05/2018 à 00:31, Daniel Dekany a écrit :
> Saturday, May 19, 2018, 6:02:16 PM, Jacques Le Roux wrote:
>> Le 19/05/2018 à 14:16, Daniel Dekany a écrit :
>>>> I think  better fits for
all private things
>>>> For instance the cron job copy and all the rest. And simply refer to private
things from the wiki
>>> For try.freemarker these security things doesn't mater much, but in
>>> general, such a repo is not a good place to store security related
>>> sensitive files. People just check it out, and it will be on the
>>> HDD/SDD unencrypted for ever... then the notebook gets stolen or such.
>> What would you suggest then?
>> Jacques
> Generally (not in this case), mail passwords to me and Jacopo and
> maybe Woonsan for safe keeping, with PGP. 3+ guys knows it, hopefully
> it won't be gone.
> In this case, do we need the password at all? It's stored on the VM,
> and if the VM is lost, we just request a new key-value pair from Let's
> Encrypt, right?
> Or is there some limitation there?
> And actually the
> password only worth anything if we also archive the key pair... Well,
> I will archive them from the VM, and I guess that's all.
I agree, it's enough


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