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From Jacques Le Roux <>
Subject Re: FreeMarker generator security related configuration defaults
Date Sat, 17 Oct 2020 18:32:12 GMT
Thanks Daniel,

Indeed, these possible security issues are not obvious to everyone. Disabling unsafe features
is indeed a convenient way to make them prominent.


Le 11/10/2020 à 20:42, Daniel Dekany a écrit :
> I noticed that ?api and ?new are by default disabled in
> freemarker-generator. However, freemarker-generator is inherently unsafe,
> as it has tools.freemarker.objectConstructor, and tools.freemarker.statics.
> For a command-line tool that's probably fine, but then above two
> configuration settings should be left on their convenient defaults as well.
> In general, allowing someone to specify arbitrary command line arguments
> to freemarker-generator CLI means that they can do pretty much anything (as
> they can provide an arbitrary template with the -i option, then access the
> tools). Again, I think such risk is expected from a command line tool, but
> it's better if we are conscious about this.

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